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Property Development

Property Development

Fortescue Capital has developed and completed numerous high value residential projects throughout the United Kingdom. Specialising in the procurement of land and undeveloped assets steering it through the planning process all the way up until completing the development and managing the marketing/sales process. Our ever growing population means that demand for residential housing is always increasing giving us room for exponential growth.

For three years, we’ve worked with top UK property developers to deliver homes on the sites they have already purchased and purchase further sites and expand their business. With well researched, and carefully planned property opportunities, we act as a bridge between developers and investors residing outside the UK.

Keystone Property Group focus is sourcing and providing international project capital to developers for significant development in the residential and commercial property sector, mostly Private Rental Schemes (PRS). Property investors lend the developer funds to purchase an identified site, and the site is then sold &/or developed.

Covering all aspects of property development

To date, we have worked across a broad range of property-based opportunities, including:

Residential Development

Commercial Development

Developer-Level site acquisitions

Managed Property Solutions



Upcoming Projects

Here you will find our latest upcoming projects for 2021/2022.


A bridging loan is a short-term interest-only loan available to those that need immediate access to capital. Usually used for a property purchase, it is a loan to ‘bridge’ the gap while other finance (such as a mortgage) is secured by the borrower. Bridging finance is secured, meaning the borrower uses property (or land) as security to the lending institution.

Any individual or limited company can apply for a bridging loan.

Bridging loans are mainly used by clients who need quick, short-term capital to fund a property purchase.

A ‘first charge’ is the primary mortgage or loan secured against a property. This takes precedence over all other finance secured against it. However, if there is sufficient equity in the property, a ‘second charge’ loan could be secured against it.

We lend on residential, semi-commercial and commercial properties and land. The construction, type or use for the property doesn’t matter either.

Since bridging loans are for the short-term, each client must have a plan in place to pay off the loan. This is known as an ‘exit route’. A viable exit route is a must on all bridging loan applications.

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